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Aviceena Scientific is a premier surgical and medical equipment supplier that provides a combination of new and professionally refurbished equipment to medical professionals around the globe. Aviceena Scientific offers a value to doctors by providing the features and reliability they need while still fitting within their budget.

Our focus is to be a single supplier for all of your major operating room equipment and surgical equipment. Our clients find that with one point of contact, the purchasing process is a much more efficient and pleasant process.

Medical Specialties

The Aviceena Scientific Medical Specialties Division has been an integral part of Aviceena Scientific since our company began. We have 10 years of experience working with specialty practices, from large facilities to smaller family operations in a variety of fields. Aviceena Scientific partners with medical professionals in the following specialties:

and more…

Clients trust our medical specialties team to provide them with factory new and professionally refurbished equipment options while staying within their budgets. Our years of experience, along with our large inventory, give us the tools to put together packages of capital equipment for each unique facility.

In addition to our specialty equipment selections, Aviceena Scientific also provides clients with facility planning expertise, installation services and biomedical equipment training. We strive to make your equipment purchasing experience as smooth as possible so our clients can focus on what they do best.

Shop our catalog to learn more about our specialty equipment, and contact a Medical Specialties Division team member to see what Aviceena Scientific can offer your facility.

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